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UFOZ Game Description.
UFOZ is styled after classic retro arcade video games.
You fly around and shoot the UFOs!
If you collide with, or get shot by a UFOZ, then your Fighter is destroyed.
You get six (6) Fighter's each game:
The RedBaron, F15 Eagle, Sabre Jet Fighter, P51 Mustang, Mosquito and Vulcan Bomber.
Specials levels if you shoot special aliens.
The levels re-cycle after thirty(30) levels.
(No one has made it past level 22!)
If you have performance hardware this game will be correspondingly fast.
We recommend using the 'slower' button and set a slow speed before you start the game.
Unlimited Level Version.
The unlimited level version of UFOZ is available on Google's Chrome WebStore.
UFOZ on Chrome Web Store
It is an installable application from Chrome WebStore.
If you are using a computer or device with Chrome installed, which includes most Android based devices,
then you can download and install UFOZ game.
Works off-line, and you can set and control permissions, etc.
It is installed in demo mode which is limited to the first six(6) levels.
A unlimited level user license can be purchased using the 'Buy' from within the game.
Demo Version.
The demo game is limited to the first six(6) levels.
We recommend playing the demo a few times and if you like then downloading from Google's Chrome WebStore.